Effective Twitter and Instagram Analytics for Agencies

More clients. Better strategy. Smarter reporting.

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3 Easy Steps to Track Hashtags and Accounts with Emplify

Right out of the gate, Emplify enabled us to create 100 tracks, show prospects what was happening with their brand using the PDF reports function, and win business for our social media agency! We love it for it's ease of use and intuitive interface.

Rafael Rositsan of Bluedoor Inc.

Why Agencies Use Emplify for Social Listening

Emplify design - filtering by keywords, sentiment, message type to drill down on messages

Win Clients

Track any hashtags, accounts, or keywords and immediately get a historical 7-day snapshot. Agencies use Emplify to quickly understand the topic before heading into any client meeting.

Here are some sample tracks:

#FourSeasons (hashtag) Landor (account) Need help with social media (keyword)

Emplify design - Comparing two tracks by influencers

Derive Winning Social Media Strategies

Agencies love leveraging our account tracks to monitor not only their clients' social media accounts but also their competitors'. Spy on any Twitter and Instagram account and derive the most comprehensive social media strategy by looking at both yours and your competitors' followers behaviors.

"The 'SEMRush' of social media data."

Emplify design - summary

Report Intelligently

A great report on social media campaign starts with summarizing your efforts and highlighting your success. Emplify not only delivers that in a beautiful PDF file but also provide you and your clients a shareable URL to further explore your reports. Agencies use our live dashboard to:

  • show clients how they fare against their competition with in-depth data.
  • break out causation of any changes in front of their clients with our live filtering on hashtags, sentiment, authors, and demographics.

Features Stunning. Insightful. Powerful.

Twitter analytics

Track any #hashtags, @accounts, or keywords on Twitter.

Instagram analytics

Track any #hashtags or @accounts on Instagram.

Real-time data

See data changes in real-time.

Filterable results

Drill down on collected data to understand causation of changes.

Export to PDF

Export any track as PDF with customized logo and title.

Share on the Web

Share any tracks on the web as real-time dashboards.

Sentiment Analysis

See what causes users' emotions to change.

Word Analysis

Visualize the most used hashtags and words to see what topics are being mentioned.

Influencers Analysis

Discover the most influential users from the posts collected.

Demographic analysis

Find out what language, application or location the posts are composed in.

Link Analysis

Discover the most shared links from the posts collected.

Engagement Analysis

See how people engage with the topic and the best time to engage with them.

Pricing Flexibly priced. Incredible value.

Emplify is priced to give you the most flexibility in managing your needs.
Pay monthly on what you use. Increase or decrease your track limit anytime.

Each track includes:

$24 / track / month.

Try comparing us with the rest of the industry to understand what we are about.

Weekly plans available at $12 / track / week. Contact us for more.